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Last Day of Summer! (Counting my Blessings)

What a wonderful and transformative summer this has been. 

I grew so much as an artist, writer, sister, best friend, and girlfriend. I broke out of my shell and had the best summer of my life. 

Not to offend other tumblrians, but I didn’t sit here and waste my life on tumblr all day. I went out almost every day. Dates, sleepovers, parties, church, walks, adventures, beach trips, art shows, and spending sprees are what I will remember with a smile.

Disney, kisses, Pillow Pets, Fish, More Disney, hugs, food, more food, more Disney, singing, dancing, cuddling, swimming, Mozarella sticks, Youtube, Skype, Facebook, drawing, painting, loving, laughing, more food, and packing packing packing have marked my summer as a good one.

I am head over heels in love with my wonderfully amazing Anthony! I grow more and more proud of his writing, singing, acting, and dancing each day. Thank God we’re having a little getaway this weekend at Sea World!

I am also head over heels in love with my wonderfully amazing Jesus. He blesses me every day. I get to wake up next to my beautiful twin sister. I get to enjoy His creation through my pets and my surroundings (and what more can anyone ask for?) I have legs to walk and arms to hug and a mouth to give smiles and kisses :) My life is just butterflies and rainbows thanks to my Jesus. What a blessed life I have.

I’ve gotten so much closer to my boyfriend, my sister, my best friend Annie, my best guy friends Ayden and Damien, Jasmine, Sara, Jordan, Alexis, Bekah, Roxi, Brittany, Seth, Hannah (and baby Penelope), Jonathan, and the list goes on forever.

The greatest gift Summer 2011 has given me is self-confidence. I have never loved myself more. It’s okay to accept a compliment! It’s okay to look in the mirror and flash that smile every once in a while. What an amazing feeling that is. 

Here’s to the end of the Summer of love and happiness, and to the beginning of a new and intense life at APU. I can’t wait to see what life has in store.

Thanks for reading this far! Hugs and kisses! For real!

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